In addition to its significance in terms of architectural and art history, the Alte Nationalgalerie is also of great importance in terms of construction history. This is derived above all from the roof structure, an ensemble of varying girder types that has been largely preserved in its original form. It impressively demonstrates the high level achieved by Berlin engineers during the consolidation phase of structural engineering and iron construction in Prussia and Germany.

It can be read as a textbook on the key characteristics of this consolidation phase – the implementation of engineering-based design methods in structural engineering,the clear division of the planning process between the architect responsible for the architectural aspects and the engineer responsible for the construction-related issues, the associated general development of an independent engineering profession responsible for construction, detailing, statics and dimensioning, the replacement of cast iron with welded iron and, last but not least, the associated extensive use of standardised (but not yet normalised) profile series.

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