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Progressive web apps (PWA for short) are hybrid websites that have the characteristics of classic smartphone apps, such as the icon, but are accessed via a browser. Content can be used in the same way as a native app and is available across all platforms.

How do I install the app with my browser (Safari, Google Chrome, Edge, Firefox) on my cell phone, tablet or PC?

Google Chrome browser (computer, Android, iPhone, iPad)

The notice for installing the web app is displayed directly in the Google Chrome browser:

English instructions from Google for PWA Web App, installation via the Google Chrome browser for computers, Android phones as well as iPhone and iPad: https://support.google.com/chrome/answer/9658361


Microsoft Edge browser

The notice for installing the web app is displayed directly in the Microsoft Edge browser:


Safari browser (iPhone, iPad, MacBook)

Open the website in Safari, the menu can be seen via the share button in the footer on the iPhone or the header on the MacBook. Here you will also find “Add to home screen” on smartphones or “Add to Dock” on MacBook. Now you can easy install the PWA on device:


Firefox browser

Firefox requires a PWA extension to be able to install web apps. The extension can be downloaded directly from Firefox: https://addons.mozilla.org/de/firefox/addon/pwas-for-firefox/

The add-on must then be configured:

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